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About Us

NVS Global is a part of the SKJ Crescent Group, a 21 Year old business group, with leading expertise in CCTV. Founded in 1994, we were one of the first to introduce Electronic Surveillance & Safety in India. We have provided state – of – the art CCTV to various Business Segments in India, including Residential, Commercial & Industrial. In 2007, we launched new product lines under the “AURIC” brand. By 2015, NVS had pioneered the HD CCTV Segment, providing the best in IP HD & Analogue HD CCTV.

NVS has maintained an all-verticals approach & has looked to provide & customize products for various customers. It has kept Quality & Reliability a top most priority while designing & marketing its products. NVS has made mountainous efforts to ensure the highest of standards keeping up with CE/FCC/TUV/UL. It has been ensured that these products have the best quality, reliability, performance keeping in mind that these products should be viable in all markets.

We have over the years built over a 1000 satisfied customers, and strive to add more to that ever increasing list.

With our systems & services we look to cover our partners, customers & consumers in the most beneficial manner, and look to , on a permanant basis RISE ABOVE all EXPECTATIONS !!!!!